The bookshelf that helped create helpdesk software

After more than 16 years in the software development business, this development-room bookshelf needs a good cleanout to make way for new material.

These are the books, magazines and knowledge that has helped create HelpMaster helpdesk software.   Highlights include...

  • Visual Basic magaziness from 1996! 
  • Dr Dobbs!
  • Dan Appleman! 
  • ActiveX! 
  • Windows NT
  • Distributed N-Tier apps with COM+  << ouch ouch ouch
  • MS DOS!



And then there's some of the software we've used to get the job done.

  • Various installer products
  • Crystal Reports in all of it's company phases.  Seagate > Business Objects > SAP
  • Sizer One

I'm really glad these days are gone...

Love the old MS DOS folder though.

Good times in Software Development

A book shelf like this is a great reminder of how quickly and dramatically the IT industry changes, particularly from a software development perspective.

These days, HelpMaster is written in the latest Microsoft.Net languages, uses SQL Server 2012 as the back-end database, and uses the latest best-of-breed 3rd party controls and code frameworks.  Thankfully the development environment and the tools that are now available to software developers has improved dramatically.  In the early days of the company, we needed to invent and custom-write many controls and algorithms (check out the subclassing and hooking book in the pic), and use coding techniques that have (thankfully) now been replaced by native .Net methods, functions and concepts.  While it hasn't always been easy, it's been great fun...but that's what we do.

PRD Software love writing software.  We love the ITSM and helpdesk industry, and love making our service desk product HelpMaster a better overall solution.



...oh, and we love software development books and the history of the art.




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